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Call of the wild: the best gardening apps for your mobile – The Guardian Garden Blog Thursday 11 Aug 2011

Voila! My pick of the violas – The Guardian Garden Blog Monday 22 March 2010

Gardens: The fur parade – The Guardian, Saturday 20 March 2010

Name that plant –, Monday February 15 2010

‘Beautiful Britain’ magazine, September 09, Stoking the Fires of Autumn (link to Contents pg only)

The Sunday Times on 13th September, with Caroline Donald, ‘ The top 50 gardening websites’

The Sunday Times on: June 7, 2009 Making the most of a concrete jungle

The Sunday Times on: Making Money from the Garden’s Jungle

The Sunday Times on: Popular trees for small gardens – a look at filberts, hazels, almonds, walnuts and chestnuts

The Sunday Times on: Hedge your bets: Box makes a bold statement in your garden, but with blight on the rise, is it the best option?

The Guardian on: Top 10 Scented Winter plants

The Guardian on: The Invasion of the Garden Snatchers

Sunday Times on: Cast Iron Conservatory Plants


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