My other Blogs (on plants, gardens, and paintings)

Though these are mostly designed for purchasers of the relevant ebooks  to add information, or comment on the texts, pictures and so on, all have a chapter or two as a sample to encourage the passer-by to become a passer-buy! – the book The Garden Triumphant – all about Victorian gardens, gardening and gardeners. – the book Old Fashioned Flowers – developed from a nursery we once had called Plants from the Past; find out here about some of the loveliest – and look at lots of photographs.

Georgian Gardens, now split into two volumes as the number of illustrations included made the overall file size too big for Kindle to handle, is now live.

Also now on Kindle, the two volumes (same problem) of ‘The New SHRUBS AND SMALL TREES’ is also live, and open for comment, additions, etc.

And now, most recently of all, PAINTINGS


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