Bookshop – now at

Here are some offerings of antiquarian books that might interest you – all for sale through Amazon.  The link for each item currently takes you to the Amazon’s overall entry for each title.  You might need to search through several to find the item listed below.

Where my price is substantially higher than others, either the other quotes are for modern paperback copies of earlier ‘classics’, or it’s for an earlier edition of the book, or it has some unique factor that may be of interest to the collector.  For ‘high ticket’ items, please contact me for more information, photographs and so on.

 NOTE:  the list has been transferred to my new ‘publishing’ website,, where you can order both truly ancient books not by me, and slightly less ancient books by me, but now often rewritten,  often re-illustrated, and now on Amazon/Kindle, and so available on your computer, netbook, tablet, and even phone…  As well as, should you have one, your Kindle.

Please visit!  Thistle Street Books ! The list expands all the time, and may well soon be republishing some classic garden texts from important garden writers of the past.  Oh, someone asked… the Delft tiles in the headers are photographs of some in the drawing room of my Edinburgh base – in Thistle Street.

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