Some backlist articles

For the last couple of years, I’ve been concentrating hard on book writing. However, I’ve written on a wide range of garden topics for an equally wide range of newspapers and magazines, notably The Scotsman newspaper, the ‘Ecosse’ section of the Sunday Times, the Observer, the Guardian, and glossies like Gardens Illustrated and Homes and Gardens.

I intend to add to the list from time to time, though many of them may well end up as blog posts, together with sections of notes from the pile I’ve accumulated as I’ve travelled between the various UK gardens…

Try some of these:

PAEONIES FROM SEED looks at the delights and pitfall of trying this lovely group from seed.

VICTORIAN GARDEN FLOWERS describes some of the loveliest flowers, and prettiest ways of gardening, of the 19th century

THE QUEENS OF THE NIGHT looks at some thrilling black flowers for your garden..

SOME 18th CENTURY AMERICANS describes some of the huge contribution of the American flora to 18th century British gardens

SCOTS POETS of the 16th century often used plants in their rhymes – here’s a garden made up of the ones they describe

AN ARTIST’S JAPAN visits the 19th century artist A E Hornel’s enchanted garden in Kirkudbright, built and planted when things Japanese were the rage.

EDEN AFTER DARK suggests some good plants for your garden when the moon is high

CHAOS THEORY is a critical look at Charles Jencks’ extraordinary garden in the Scottish borders

BEDDING THE REDS – red garden borders can be so much more fun than the ones at Hidcote. Here’s how!

DRESSCODE GARDENS, partly book review, partly a look at how we now interpret the language of formal gardens

GARDEN STINKERS sniffs some of the dreadful smells in the garden, and ponders on the insects that they attract

SAMUEL PALMER’S SHOREHAM; David Stuart is inspired by the sight of a pear tree in real life, and in the tiny and stunning paintings

GARDENS OF THE GODS explores some of the oldest garden plans of all, and regrets the loss of their mystery

SALT ON YOUR LATIN takes a light look at the problem of Latin in the garden

AN EASY WAY WITH WEEDS suggests some smart weed variants when the going gets rough

A WINTER’S TALE of one man’s delight in the darkest days of winter

SOUTHERN COMFORT suggests some marvels to put in your largest summer pots

THE LAST OF THE BLUES when autumn strikes the right tones of blue amongst the blaze

PLOTS FOR POTS GALORE charts a mania for cramming lovely things into almost any crock with a drainage hole.


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