A Gap in the Rains

Cream camassias (we have doubles elsewhere, not so nice), and various aquilegias, hung with rain.

Allium bulgaricum (so called), buttercups, poet’s ivy… rainsoaked.

The rose climbing into the old apple tree is ‘Mme. Isaac Pereire’ – supposedly a shrub, but clambers right up to the top. We use this one for rose petal liqueur….

Been raining for days…  Lawn sodden.  Aquilegias often horizontal.  Ponds full.  Frogs happy.  Country lanes become rivers.  Some closed with soil washed off fields.  Then, just now, a burst of sunlight.  Garden looking, well, wet…but, I still love it!  lol.  as does this frog….


About david stuart

garden writer and journalist, and occasionally a designer, with a garden in the Scottish borders, and his pal's gardens in Edinburgh, London, and Lincolnshire. They keep both of us very, very busy. Books I've written listed on my website, and dozens of articles and garden and plant pictures. Currently working on several new projects. One of these was to return to painting - see the blog - and which is proving exciting! www.david-stuart.co.uk or, more fun, have a look at www.pinterest.com/davidcstuart
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