Garden apps for Android (with others to come) – Tomato Trivia

Hooray! First two apps up on Android Market. Here is the title page of the first….

so why not follow the link (it doesn’t seem to be ‘live’, so copy and paste into your browser…)?


About david stuart

garden writer and journalist, and occasionally a designer, with a garden in the Scottish borders, and his pal's gardens in Edinburgh, London, and Lincolnshire. They keep both of us very, very busy. Books I've written listed on my website, and dozens of articles and garden and plant pictures. Currently working on several new projects. One of these was to return to painting - see the blog - and which is proving exciting! or, more fun, have a look at
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One Response to Garden apps for Android (with others to come) – Tomato Trivia

  1. Ursula Fearn says:

    For 2012 we have 3 lots hierloom/heritage type Tom seeds to grow 2 from :
    “Dix Doigts de Naples” and “Geante D’ Orenbourg” (Siberian) Assoc. Kokopelli – We called in during a self-org. cycle hols on Loire this summer past .and another 1 var. for fun “Heinz 1439” from Xis Cole’s Heirloom Toms (picked up at Harrogate Centenary Flower show last w/e) The app seems to say we need 8 hours per day- here’s dreaming in Lowland Scotland!! Best Ursula (Fearn) PS we usually plant gardener’s delight, ailsa craig, pomodoro etc.

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