Frost dates and you.

Hi there… herewith an extract from the fast-growing app on tomatoes, but might be useful in a more general way.


Do you live in Austin,
Texas…  Edinburgh, Scotland…  Recife, Brazil?

The most useful sources of information about how tomatoes do in your
region are local gardeners, friends, relatives, the local garden
centre, or official horticultural advice centre.  You can, though,
get masses of information on your computer, even your phone, or tablet.

North America

The continent is particularly well provided for.  Climate surveys
are all highly detailed, and it is easy to find out what your winter
temperatures are, and, to a lesser extent, what your last frost date

A useful chart for all reasonable tomato possiblities in North
America.  It’s large, detailed, and best looked at on a PC
screen.  If you want even greater reassurance, and live in the
USA, then

A vast and exceptionally detailed list of climatic info. for a huge
number of locations – towns are by state.  It’s a big file, and
will overwhelm most phones.


Provides huge amounts of data, maximum and minimum temps for almost any
location in Australia

New Zealand

gives some nice temperature maps which should give you some idea of how
tomatoes might do for you.

Western and southern Europe…

This site is very helpful indeed.  Most of the climate maps are
not much use.  One popular one shows the UK as having only three
zones, and the one in which I garden suggests that I could just do
tomatoes outdoors in all the gardens I know well.  We can manage
tomatoes outdoors in inner London, but there is no point in trying in
the others.  The last frost date in my Scottish borders one is


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