Chimney, chimney on the wall, which one smokes worst of all?

I see my earliest post on the blog mention the new garden chimney. Here’s a picture of the whole thing. So far, it’s consumed a mountain of prunings, clippings, branches, junk timber of various sorts and ownerships (we had to make restitution!), plus charcoal now and again.
I’ve always been sorry that the old garden bonfires we had wasted all that heat. Of course, now lots of it goes up the chimney, but at least on the embers we can cook supper, sit comfortably, surround with candles and lanterns, see the stars, listen to the owls, and all that stuff.
I suppose we could have done that with the bonfire, except, being outside the garden walls, it wasn’t private, was very windy, and often chill.
The stone of the chimney, back and sides, eventually holds a lot of heat, throwing it back to us, keeping food warm, taking the chill off the undrunk red, and so on.
So… here’s what it looks like during the day. If you can see a ring at the bottom of the far jamb, that was from the old pigsty on the site. It tethered the poor old pig by her nose. Her other end has a nicely carved stone drainage basin, the solids no doubt going on the garden
Incidentally, our present garden was once subdivided into three – one piece for each cottage. Many of the original paths, all flagstoned, remain, and even some the espalier apple trees that made useful garden dividers.
One of the gardens was a sort of showroom for sundials, and on extraordinary one remains. But that’s another story….


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